Start Investing in the 13 Best Gaming Coins of 2023!


• This article provides an overview of 13 gaming coins that are worth investing in. These include Metacade (MCADE), DApp Rader (DAPR), Axie Infinity (AXS) and more.
• Each coin offers unique features and benefits, such as play-to-earn mechanics, innovative incentive systems, and direct funding for blockchain projects.
• Investing in these gaming coins can help to revolutionize traditional gaming and provide users with the opportunity to earn a crypto income.

The 13 Best Gaming Coins to Invest in – 2023

Crypto gaming coins are some of the most sought-after investment opportunities in Web3, and for good reason. The GameFi sector is a fast-growing industry that has the potential to revolutionize traditional gaming forever. For anyone seeking the best gaming tokens to buy right now, here are 13 of the most promising investments available now:

Metacade (MCADE)

What is MCADE? Metacade is the biggest on-chain arcade. The platform offers the largest collection of play-to-earn arcade games out of any comparable project, which is unique in the world of Web3. While most gaming platforms offer a single gaming experience, Metacade offers many all in one location. Games in the Metacade can be played casually or competitively, and every single title provides automatic financial rewards through the play-to-earn mechanic. Users can earn MCADE tokens while progressing through endless levels or by competing against other gamers directly in exclusive tournaments.

Benefits of Investing in MCADE

Metacade also aims to become a central hub for the Web3 community. It will contain all the latest information about the best gaming crypto projects, including the latest trends and alpha. The community hub rewards content creators for their contributions, which is an innovative incentive system that could serve many users over the coming years. Metacade also aims to support the expansion of blockchain technology directly through its Metagrants program by providing direct funding for new arcade games that receive positive community reviews before they’re officially released into circulation on Metacade’s platform. Community members can test out new games before they are officially released and earn a crypto income in return..

Other Promising Gaming Cryptos

Other promising investments include DApp Rader (DAPR), Axie Infinity (AXS), Enjin Coin (ENJ), STEPN (GMT), Star Atlas (ATLAS), The Sandbox(SAND), ApeCoin(APE) Upland(UPX) Gala Games(GALA) Decentraland(MANA) AltSignals(ASI) Illuvium(ILV).


In conclusion, investing in these cryptocurrency tokens can help users take part in an evolving industry with great potential for growth over time while earning additional income at home via game playing activities at any hour they choose!

SVB Collapse Rocks Crypto Market: $791M Liquidated in 4 Days

• Crypto volatility skyrocketed this weekend due to the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Silvergate.
• This resulted in $791 million of liquidations over four days, with $383 million longs liquidated in a 48 hour period alone.
• Late Sunday, news that deposits will be made whole at SVB propelled the market upwards with $150 million of shorts sellers liquidated as Bitcoin retook $22,000.

Crypto Volatility Rises Following Collapse of SVB and Silvergate

The crypto markets were rocked this weekend by the collapse of US banking giants Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Silvergate. This caused crypto volatility to increase dramatically with investors experiencing large losses due to liquidations.

$791 Million Liquidations Over Four Days

In total, there were $791 million of liquidations over the course of four days. Of this figure, an eye-watering $383 million were longs that were liquidated during a 48 hour period alone – making it the largest 48 hour number of liquidations this year so far.

Bitcoin Retakes $22,000 After News Deposits Made Whole at SVB

Late on Sunday however, news came out that deposits would be made whole at SVB, causing a surge in prices across all cryptos. This saw Bitcoin retake its position above the important level of $22,000 as well as resulting in the liquidation of around $150 million worth of short positions.

Fed Move Stabilizes Prices but Implications for Crypto Market Negative

Despite moves from the Fed stablizing prices across traditional markets and 2023 showing signs that these markets are bouncing back from their slump earlier this year – it is clear that there could be some negative implications for the crypto market overall in the long term which should concern investors considerably going forward.


Ultimately, this weekend has demonstrated just how volatile and unpredictable crypto can be when faced with external factors such as bank collapses or macroeconomic movements like we have seen here recently with trad-fi wobbling significantly. It is therefore essential for investors looking to capitalize on these markets to remain vigilant and aware of any developments which could affect their investments going forward

Start Playing, Earning, Building & Connecting: $MCADE Presale Now Live!

• Sony Network Communications and Astar Network have received over 150 registrations for their Web3 Incubation Program.
• The program will be mentored by senior executives from Sony, Astar Network, Microsoft, AWS, Dragonfly, and Blockdaemon.
• Registrations will close on Monday, March 6th at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.

Sony Network Communications & Astar Network’s Joint Web3 Incubation Program

Sony Network Communications and Astar Network have partnered to create a joint Web3 Incubation Program to nurture projects for the blockchain industry. The program has seen an overwhelming response, with over 150 registrations already submitted.


The participants in the program will receive mentorship from senior executives at Sony, Astar Network, Microsoft, AWS, Dragonfly, and Blockdaemon.

Registration Deadline

Registrations for the program are due on Monday, March 6th at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.

Organization of Program

Startale Labs (a company founded by Astar’s CEO Sota Watanabe) is organizing the incubation program that is set to run from mid-March to mid-June.

Objectives of Sony & Astar

Sony is exploring how blockchain technology can solve various problems in their industry while Astar hopes to quickly find relevant Web3 solutions through this partnership. Together they hope to nurture projects that can help further develop the blockchain sector.