Paxful’s Latin American manager says multiple factors are influencing Bitcoin’s price increase

From Paxful they say that there are multiple factors that influence the valorisation of the world’s main cryptomoney

The price of Bitcoin reached USD 18.476 in the early hours of Wednesday 18 November, equalling the record set on 18 December 2017, and increasing its value by 30% in a fortnight. In this scenario, Paxful shared with Cointelegraph en Español an analysis of what is happening with Bitcoin this year.

„There are multiple factors that influence the value of the world’s main crypt currency, among them the leverage of the main exchanges; the elections in the United States for which a round of economic stimulus is expected to take place that would generate an increase in investments such as bitcoin; and the FOMO (Fear of missing out),“ explained Magdiela Rivas, Paxful’s manager for Latin America.

According to Paxful, security and user education are key to boosting confidence in cryptosystems
From Paxful they also highlighted that, in the crypto world, not only is bitcoin breaking records, but so are other crypto currencies such as Tether, a stablecoin whose market value is always equivalent to one dollar.

„On platforms such as Paxful, through the purchase of Tether, users have the possibility of freezing the value of their bitcoins in dollars. Since September, we have recorded an increase of 6,808% in the volume of Tether’s operations in Argentina on our platform, which shows that more and more people are turning to this new form of investment to safeguard the value of their assets,“ commented Rivas.

According to Paxful, Argentines are increasingly choosing crypto-currencies as a store of value
It is important to bear in mind that in Argentina the economic crisis has led many to see cryptosystems as a valuable refuge.

„Despite the fall of the informal dollar, the rise in bitcoin has cushioned losses for those who bought dollars even at $195, as that currency fell by 19% while bitcoin rose by 41%,“ Paxful remarked.

Paxful takes the informal dollar quote for the price of Bitcoin in Argentina
On Paxful’s platform in Argentina, the numbers are clear indicators of what is happening: „Trading has increased by 34% per month, while the number of new accounts opened averaged 47%, generating a 1087% increase in new users on the platform from January to September 2020“.

Bitcoiner lucky: The BTC community is bullish

Bitcoin is pumping. And comments from the world of social media, which confirm the bullish price outlook, follow immediately. But there is still a long way to go before the high of the current cycle.

Leisurely and then all of a sudden. This is roughly how the FOMO-induced price behavior of crypto currency No. 1 can be summarized. In bull markets, price jumps of 10-15 percent in a very short time are nothing new, but the last Bitcoin Era was now more than three years ago. And so these days Bitcoiners are celebrating their devotion to feeding through the bear market. Always with you: a little pinch of “I told you so”.

Speed in order execution is crucial on the exchange

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Preston Pysh has done a lot in life. As an aerospace engineer, he served in the US Army for years. With The Investors‘ Podcasttogether with his co-host Stig Broderson, he reaches an investment-enthusiastic audience of millions. Recently, however, the investor has emerged as one of the most bullish advocates of the No. 1 cryptocurrency. In his most recent appearance on the Stephan Livera Podcast , Pysh put forward the thesis that Bitcoin could break the threshold to become a world reserve currency in this bull market.

If that doesn’t work, then it should be ready by the peak of the following halving cycle at the latest

I think hyperbitcoinization can happen as early as this cycle. At the latest, however, it should happen after the next cycle. It will take a maximum of 7.5 years.

Such statements astonish even bullish Bitcoiners. But the idea is not unfounded. After all, the central banks contribute to a self-reinforcing spiral with their monetary policy. Bitcoin as a verifiably limited asset could soak up all this excess liquidity as an investment.

We have been able to observe over the past few days how fast BTC can soar.

Crypto-Art: the ecosystem that takes art to new heights

Crypto art exhibits a unique characteristic that makes it different from anything that came before it.

BeInCrypto spoke with crypto-artists Daniella Attfield and PR1MAL CYPHER.

Crypto-art attracts a wide variety of like-minded members

Imagine being an artist , for a moment. Whether your niche is digital art or creating a physical piece, you are creating amazing visuals that others can enjoy. One of the most important elements of artistic creation is the protection of your work against reproduction without your permission.

In the particular case of digital art , there is always the possibility that the image will be reproduced several times and distributed, which essentially decreases the value of the work and destroys this precious element of rarity. Indeed, what was once a single original work has been multiplied by others, thus making it common.

Crypto-art has recently appeared on the scene, with a pioneering aesthetic. It sets out to offer a solution to the threat artists face when their works are copied by unauthorized parties, resulting in a depreciation of their work. In a nutshell, crypto-art is the artistic version of Bitcoin .

To dig deeper into this point, BeInCrypto spoke with crypto artists. Daniella Attfield, a young South African crypto artist, explained this new and growing phenomenon:

Crypto art is fundamentally art (usually, but not always, digital art), that is, it receives a unique signature on the blockchain that confirms it is original and limited in quantity – just like original artwork and photographic prints that have been signed. It is then sold or auctioned for cryptocurrency and then transferred to the buyer, so that they have a totally unique and verified original work of art.

It is no different from traditional art forms, in that you would pay an artist if you wanted to own their original work. Often there can be several editions of the same work, as with photographic prints, and sometimes 1/1 editions as with oil paintings. The only difference is the digital signature. This means that crypto-artists can now sell their works in a way they can control.

A unique feature

There are apparently some drawbacks to the pursuit of the traditional art market , especially for obscure or unknown artists. Creating artwork can be a slow and tedious process. Artists must also think about all the elements necessary for an exhibition, which takes time and resources, in collaboration with a gallery willing to present their work.

The disadvantages increase when the presentation is limited to the time slot of a gallery, for example its opening hours. Artists may never see the immediate results of their work, although it can take years for their work to hit the market.

Unlike conventional works of art, crypto art has a unique characteristic, which makes it different from anything that came before it. Each crypto work of art has an exclusive and indelible identifier – a digital signature, similar to a copyright or encoded watermark, which is not visible to the naked eye.

This exclusive signature is then used to identify, verify and track its history on the blockchain, allowing the artwork to be inalienably linked to its unique signature and engraved in the blockchain’s immutable digital public ledger. This is called “tokenization”, “minting” or even “issuance of currency”.

This one factor could give new impetus to the Bitcoin rally

Bitcoin has seen immense volatility in the past few days. The coin is currently trading for $ 13,800 – above the lows of $ 13,200 on Monday, but below the daily highs of $ 14,100 and the weekend highs at the same level.

Bitcoin is up about 1.5% in the past 24 hours – and some analysts think that because of the futures market, BTC is poised to move higher.

An analyst has shared data that the cryptocurrency futures markets are clearly declining right now.
The problem, the analyst said, is that many of these shorts are bearish, while the funding rate is also negative.

This could lead to what is known as a short squeeze, which is driving Bitcoin Billionaire high.

Futures data shows: Bitcoin could move even higher

Bitcoin has seen immense volatility in the days leading up to and during the US presidential election. The leading cryptocurrency is currently trading for $ 13,800, above Monday’s lows of $ 13,200 but below the daily highs at $ 14,100 and weekend highs at the same level.

Bitcoin has risen slightly over the past 24 hours, while volatility has left the cryptocurrency fluctuating between $ 13,000 and $ 14,000.

Analysts say Bitcoin is likely to continue to rise in the coming hours and days. A crypto asset analyst shared the chart below, according to which the futures markets of the crypto currency are clearly declining at the moment.

The problem, the analyst said, is that many of these shorts are in bearish while the funding rate is also negative. This greatly increases the chances of Bitcoin being subject to a short squeeze, which drives prices up quickly.

“In the meantime, Binance’s funding has been consistently negative for the past few days, and the L / S ratio has also decreased (more shorts). It looks to me like a pile of over-indebted shorts is under water. “

Chart of the price development of BTC in the last few weeks with analysis by the crypto trader Byzantine General (@ByzGen on Twitter). Source: Byzantine General: BTCUSD from
The funding rate is the fee with which long positions regularly pay short positions in order to maintain the future price of the spot market. Negative refinancing rates combined with rising prices increase the chance of a short squeeze.

Post-election uncertainty could spur correction

The election uncertainty could mean that this scenario does not come to fruition.

Several analysts have noted how uncertainty surrounding the US election due to different economic and financial policies could lead to movements in markets like the dollar and bitcoin.

For one thing, BTC has already risen by $ 400 from the election – but also crashed by $ 300.

John McAfee gaat door naar Shill Cryptoassets From Behind Bars…

  • De populaire crypto pundit John McAfee heeft de fans van zijn gevangeniscel in Spanje op de hoogte gebracht en gezegd dat de aanklachten tegen hem politiek gemotiveerd waren.
  • McAfee promootte ook het crypto-project $GHOST, een stabiele munt die gericht is op privé-transacties.

De populaire cybersecurity-programmeur en cryptocurrency-verdediger John McAfee is muntstukken van achter de tralies blijven schudden.

McAfee, die eerder in de maand in Spanje werd gearresteerd, wacht momenteel op een mogelijke uitlevering aan de Verenigde Staten voor kosten in verband met belastingontduiking. Ondanks het feit dat hij gevangen zit, is hij doorgegaan met het geven van updates aan zijn fans via zijn vrouw Janice, die beweert dat de Spaanse gevangenis „niet zo slecht“ is.

McAfee nam opnieuw deel aan Twitter, en plaatste verschillende reacties op de Europese pers in wat hij de „John McAfee Media FAQ“ noemde.

Volgens de update zegt Crypto Bull dat de aanklachten tegen hem politiek gemotiveerd zijn en het resultaat zijn van zijn stellingname tegen het zestiende amendement van de grondwet van de Verenigde Staten met betrekking tot de belastingheffing in het Congres.

McAfee maakte ook van de gelegenheid gebruik om de stabiele munt $GHOST te promoten, en zei dat het het enige overgebleven project was waar hij aan werkt.

Hij ging verder,

Wanneer onze privé stalmunt wordt vrijgegeven, zal het een revolutie teweegbrengen in de cryptotransacties… Mijn werk met $GHOST draait volledig om onze ontwikkeling van ’s werelds eerste privé stalmunt. Versie één zal een gewikkelde DAI zijn. Later zullen we een nieuwe stabiele, private blokketen hebben.

Toen hem werd gevraagd hoe zijn opvattingen over cryptocurrency sinds 2017 waren veranderd, zei McAfee dat hij verbijsterd was over de focus van de industrie op „snel rijk worden“ verhalen in plaats van voor het nut in transacties.

Digital ruble about to be launched?

The Russian central bank does not seem averse to the introduction of the digital ruble. At a recent press conference, the bank’s head spoke on the subject. Accordingly, the introduction of the digital currency could take place as early as 2021.

On October 23, 2020, the head of the Russian Central Bank, Elvira Nabiullina, spoke during an online conferenceon the prospects of introducing the digital ruble. In their eyes, a pilot start by the end of 2021 is quite conceivable.

By the end of this year, public feedback on the introduction of the digital ruble will be obtained in order to create a comprehensive concept. On the basis of this, a test phase with a limited number of users is planned in order to ensure a better understanding of the digital currency.

Is confidentiality guaranteed?

Meanwhile, Nabiullina said that the digital ruble is not a substitute for cash, but rather acts as a third form of money. Russian citizens would be free to choose which currency to use for Bitcoin Profit software transactions. However, this requires absolute confidentiality. In no case should this be confused with anonymity.

In fact, there won’t be the same level of anonymity that cash transactions can support. However, it is expected that confidentiality will be improved.

In order to meet these expectations, a distinctive code should be assigned to the digital ruble. This works in a similar way to cash. However, it is not yet entirely clear whether other parties besides the Russian central bank also have access to this data. This depends on the approved model of digital currency.

Is the introduction of the digital ruble too late?

While Nabiullina is optimistic that the digital ruble will be introduced soon, saidhowever, there are also critical voices. For Dmitry Peskov, a special envoy for the President of the Russian Federation, the rapid introduction of the digital ruble carries some risks. In his opinion, Russia is pursuing a rash strategy in this regard.

The risk to finance is so great that I believe a quick second strategy is far more effective than trying to lead the way.

Das Handelsvolumen von Bitcoin ist seit dem 9. Oktober abgestürzt

Schlecht für Bären? Das Handelsvolumen von Bitcoin ist seit dem 9. Oktober abgestürzt

Die Preisaktionen von Bitcoin waren in letzter Zeit recht glanzlos, wobei Bullen und Bären nach ihrem Anstieg auf die Mitte der 11.000-Dollar-Region in eine Sackgasse geraten sind.

Jeder Rückgang stößt auf erheblichen Kaufdruck, während jeder Stoß in Richtung 11.600 $ von den Bären rasch zurückgewiesen wird.

Dies hat einen Konsolidierungskanal zwischen 11.300 und 11.600 Dollar geschaffen. Obwohl noch keine dieser beiden Ebenen durchbrochen wurde, sollte diejenige, die zuerst entscheidend überwunden wird, den Anlegern ernsthafte Einblicke in den bei Bitcoin Evolution kurzfristigen Trend der Krypto-Währung geben.

Die Unterstützung unten, wo BTC derzeit gehandelt wird, ist ziemlich bedeutend und half dem Crypto, jeglichen Verlusten auszuweichen, die aus den Turbulenzen der letzten Tage an den traditionellen Märkten resultieren.

Ein Ergebnis dieser Konsolidierungsphase ist das sinkende Handelsvolumen.

Während über diesen Trend gesprochen wurde, erklärte eine Analyseplattform, dass ein Wiederanstieg des Volumens in Verbindung mit einem leichten Preisanstieg ein verräterisches Zeichen dafür sei, dass eine Bewegung nach oben unmittelbar bevorsteht.

Bitcoin konsolidiert sich nach starkem Schub nach oben

Zum Zeitpunkt der Abfassung dieses Artikels steigt der Preis von Bitcoin um knapp 10 % auf den derzeitigen Preis von 11.480 US-Dollar. Dies ist in etwa der Bereich, in dem er in den letzten Tagen gehandelt wurde.

Nach der Nachricht über den Kauf von BTC im Wert von 50 Millionen Dollar durch Square erlebte die Kryptowährung einen starken Kaufdruck, der sie bis weit in den mittleren Bereich von 11.000 Dollar trieb.

Nach einem Höchststand von 11.700 Dollar verlor sie an Schwung und gab nach, was die seither andauernde Konsolidierungsphase einleitete.

Da es keine unmittelbar bevorstehenden Aufwärtskatalysatoren gibt, bleibt unklar, was die nächste Welle von Handelsaktivitäten auslösen könnte, die die Krypto-Währung in die Höhe schnellen lässt.

Ein mögliches Stimulusabkommen zwischen dem Weißen Haus und dem Kongress könnte die Waage in die Gunst der Bullen kippen.

Analytik-Firma: Rückgang des BTC-Handelsvolumens in der vergangenen Woche

Jüngsten Daten von Santiment zufolge ist das Handelsvolumen von Bitcoin aufgrund der jüngsten Konsolidierungsphase zusammengebrochen.

Sie sprachen darüber in einem Tweet und erklärten

„Der 24. September bis 8. Oktober war der höchste Abschnitt des Handelsvolumens, den Bitcoin seit Mitte Mai gesehen hatte. Am 9. Oktober kam es jedoch zu einem plötzlichen Einbruch, und das tägliche Transaktionsvolumen hat in der vergangenen Woche 26,2 Milliarden Dollar nicht überschritten.

Sie stellen weiter fest, dass eine möglicherweise bevorstehende Verschiebung des Handelsvolumens bei Bitcoin Evolution ein Signal dafür sein könnte, wann der nächste Schritt nach oben kommt.

„Halten Sie Ausschau nach einem Anstieg des Volumens, der mit einem leichten Preisanstieg zusammenfällt, als eines der wenigen frühen Anzeichen dafür, dass die BTC bei $ 12.000 und darüber hinaus einen Schritt nach oben macht.

Wenn das Handelsvolumen jedoch gleichzeitig mit einem Rückgang ansteigt, könnte dies ein schwerwiegendes Zeichen für die Aussichten von BTC sein.

Bitcoin SV langetermijnprijsanalyse: 25 september

Het is een interessante periode in de digital asset industrie. Terwijl de prijzen een reeks van terugtrekkingen aangaven, suggereerden velen dat de bodem in de buurt komt van of mogelijk in de buurt komt van de tijd. Op dit moment houdt Bitcoin nog steeds stand rond de $10.000 en stuitert consequent van de $10.200.

Met de koningsmunt in de hand zijn altcoins ook bestand tegen meer correcties. Na een daling tot $144 op 21 september, is BSV op dit moment tot $155. Omdat de onzekerheid nog steeds groot is, analyseerden we de mogelijke uitkomsten voor de Bitcoin-vork.

Bitcoin SV 4-uursgrafiek

De enorme daling tot $144 kwam aan de achterkant van een symmetrische driehoek voor Bitcoin SV. Met een hoog bearish momentum dat het patroon volgt, was het enigszins duidelijk dat de asset daalde in de grafieken.

Op het moment van schrijven was de bearish pressure van het 50-Moving Average ook dominant, vandaar dat een hertest op $165 een beetje tijd kan duren. Toevallig schommelt de prijs van BSV op dit moment binnen een ander bearish patroon, waarbij een stijgende wig de procedure neemt.

Op dit moment, als de beren de leiding nemen over het moment, zou een sterke correctie de prijs naar de laatste steun op $136 kunnen brengen, terwijl een normale retracement kan worden verwacht tot $150 voordat er weer een rally naar boven komt. De Relative Strength Index of RSI werd waargenomen om een daling te vertonen, wat betekende dat de verkoopdruk zich langzaam weer opstapelde.

Bitcoin SV 1-dagen grafiek

De 1-dagen grafiek gaf echter meer duidelijkheid over de huidige prijsvork. Sinds begin april 2020 heeft de waarde van Bitcoin SV bijna de $150-$160 reeks gebruikt als een medium om te consolideren voor het katapulten boven de $200. Het is interessant op dit moment omdat na het bereiken van $144 slechts 3 dagen terug, de asset nu weer in de range zit.

Nu, optimistisch de prijs zou kunnen razen weer uit van hier, maar het is belangrijk om te onthouden dat tijdens de vorige twee procedures, de markt reed op een hoog. Op dit moment werd de industrie gehuld in een overgangsfase. Stochastische RSI suggereerde dat er weer een bearish crossover in aantocht is. Met de blauwe lijn die momenteel de overboughtzone bereikt, zou een directe crossover aan de top leiden tot een nieuwe pullback.

Op dit moment lijkt een nieuwe re-test tot $150 definitief, maar het zal interessant zijn om te zien of deze reeks nog een keer kan worden gehouden.

ConsenSys gana un contrato para el proyecto CBDC de Tailandia-Hong Kong

ConsenSys desarrollará una prueba de concepto para los pagos transfronterizos tras una investigación exitosa entre los dos bancos centrales.

La empresa Blockchain ConsenSys anunció el 25 de septiembre que se le había adjudicado el contrato para un proyecto de pago transfronterizo entre Tailandia y Hong Kong.

La empresa dirigirá la segunda fase de ejecución del proyecto Ithanon-Lionrock. El proyecto es una iniciativa conjunta para crear una red de pagos transfronterizos en moneda digital del banco central, o CBDC, entre los bancos de los dos países.

Iniciado en mayo de 2019 por la Autoridad Monetaria de Hong Kong, o HKMA, y el Banco de Tailandia, o BOT, el proyecto anunció los resultados de su fase inicial de investigación en enero. En ella se determinó que había un potencial importante para utilizar la tecnología de la DDTS con el fin de reducir los intermediarios y las capas de liquidación en el actual proceso de transferencia transfronteriza.

El objetivo ahora es construir una prueba de concepto, estableciendo Bitcoin Storm un corredor transfronterizo entre las redes Ithanon de Tailandia y Lionrock de Hong Kong. Por supuesto, esto también requerirá una solución para una conversión de divisas sin problemas entre el baht tailandés y el dólar de Hong Kong.

ConsenSys utilizará sus tecnologías empresariales de pila Ethereum, centrándose en dar prioridad a la escalabilidad, la seguridad y la interoperabilidad.

La empresa tiene experiencia previa en el desarrollo de redes de pago del CBDC, habiendo participado tanto en el Proyecto Ubin del banco central de Singapur como en el Proyecto Khokha del banco central de Sudáfrica.

Más recientemente, ConsenSys fue noticia después de adquirir el proyecto de cadenas de bloques desarrollado por JPMorgan, Quorum.


  • Bitcoin está agora pairando dentro da região de meados de 11.000 dólares, após a intensa pressão de venda que testemunhou ontem
  • O declínio abaixo de US$ 11.200 foi rapidamente absorvido pelos touros, embora a BTC permaneça em uma posição um tanto precária
  • Um analista está apontando para um apoio maciço logo abaixo, onde o cripto está sendo negociado atualmente como um fator de alta
  • Dito isto, outros comerciantes estão advertindo que a BTC está se aproximando de um nível chave que poderia levar o criptograma a $9.000 se ele for quebrado abaixo

O Bitcoin Trader e o mercado de moedas criptográficas agregadas estão agora enfrentando alguma turbulência enquanto touros e ursos lutam pelo controle.

Isto fez com que a BTC mergulhasse até $11.150 da noite para o dia, em uma forte queda que acabou sendo seguida por um forte ressalto.

Embora o ativo digital de referência esteja agora se consolidando dentro da região de meados de 11.000 dólares, ainda parece estar correndo o risco de ver mais desvantagem.

Um analista está observando que um declínio sustentado poderia levá-lo a um valor tão baixo quanto $9.000 no curto prazo.

Esta possibilidade só se concretizará se os touros não forem capazes de impedir que o Bitcoin quebre abaixo de $10.800.


No momento em que escrevo, a Bitcoin está negociando mais de 1% a seu preço atual de $11.500.

Seguindo a nítida selloff vista durante a noite, é por aqui que a moeda criptográfica tem sido capaz de encontrar alguma estabilidade enquanto seus compradores tentam empurrá-la de volta para a região superior – 11.000 dólares.

É importante notar que esta recente ação de preços fez pouco para oferecer uma visão da tendência macro da moeda criptográfica, uma vez que ela permanece presa dentro de uma faixa comercial entre $11.200 e $12.000.

Um analista observou que a região de menos de 11.000 dólares havia sido atada com uma pressão de compra maciça nos últimos dias.

„Bitcoin daily chart – Há muito apoio para testar aqui a faixa média, já que o preço é negociado a/sobre o BB médio. Deixe as faixas alcançarem e depois faça outro movimento“, disse ele.


Outro analista observou que US$ 10.800 tinham se tornado um importante nível de apoio.

Ele também afirma que a reação da moeda criptográfica a este nível no curto prazo pode ter grandes implicações para onde ela tende a seguir.

Uma quebra abaixo dela poderia levar a moeda criptográfica a um nível tão baixo quanto $9.000.

„Bitcoin: Pink is HTF support. Procurarei por longos períodos de tempo, seja no preço de voltar acima do SR preto ou no rosa. Perca de rosa e depois negociamos em direção a 9000“.

Parece que Bitcoin chegou agora a um ponto central. Qual a direção que ela tende em seguida poderia ter grandes implicações para sua visão macro.